martes, 5 de diciembre de 2017

Humanitarian mission for Donbass: Ambulance purchased

Dear friends, I am Enrique, coordinator of projects in the humanitarian organization based in Spain, «Vostok Solidaridad Donbass», and I bring you good news, although they are not completely good.

Firstly, Román, president of the humanitarian organization also based in Spain, «Blagoe Delo», informs us that he has already bought the ambulance! These are the good news, since it seemed a very complicated task, but with a lot of effort, the ambulance was bought.

However, the bad news comes next. If we add the price of the ambulance (€ 3,900) plus the cost of bringing it from Galicia to Madrid (€ 200), we have a total cost of € 4,100. While the total donations add an income of € 3,132. That is to say, there is still almost € 1,000 of debt. And this, without counting the expenses to come: Mechanical review with which to prepare the ambulance for a trip of 5,000 km to Donbass, and the expenses of the trip itself.

So far, we can only give thanks wholeheartedly all of the donations that we have received until now in both humanitarian organizations, but there is still a long way to go to fully pay for the ambulance, prepare it for the trip, and drive it to the city of Donetsk.

We also have to give thanks wholeheartedly for the donations of medical supplies received so far, since this project is not only to carry the ambulance, but also to carry it full of medical supplies for hospitals in Donbass. Everything we have until now can be seen in the photographs that accompany this review: Two stretchers, a wheelchair, medicines and material to heal wounds, a resuscitation team, as well as computers.

In short, we have the ambulance, we have medical supplies to carry inside the ambulance, but the bad part is that we have many expenses to cover currently, and many more expenses in the future to prepare the trip. We need donations to be able to drive the ambulance and all the medical supplies and equipment to Donbass and there, they will serve to help those people most in need, since during 3 years they have been living under an imposed war. Unfortunately, not a single day go by without the war being noticed.

Here you can see the photographs we made of the ambulance (newly purchased) and all the medical supplies that has been collected until now based on donations: