lunes, 20 de noviembre de 2017

Humanitarian Mission: Buy an ambulance for Donbass

From our humanitarian organization Vostok Solidaridad Donbass, we are supporting the very appropiate campaign that it is carrying out the humanitarian organization also based in Spain, Blagoe Delo; whose objective in this occasion is in the purchase of an ambulance.

We write here the details provided by Roman, president of Blagoe Delo, who in past occasions have managed to send up to 6,000 kilograms of humanitarian aid by airlift and even, on a previous occasion, he made, alone, a road trip from Madrid to Lugansk on a route of more than 5,000 kilometres up to there and again other 5,000 kilometres back to Spain, in order to carry out a delivery of humanitarian material in several cities of Donbass.

On this occasion, Roman reports that he has almost achieved the purchase of the ambulance since up to now they have collected 2,500 euros. The purchase is almost done, because he has found a good ambulance but still lacks money to buy it. In addition, they have several prostheses, a reanimation team, medicines, as well as computers to deliver in orphanages and schools in Donbass. And that without counting the expenses in reviews, document procedures and, of course, the trip from Spain to Donbass.

Therefore, we join and support this impressive humanitarian campaign to carry out another mission with which to carry all the help we can provide for people who have been suffering the war in that region for 3 years. A region that now is not news of the mass media, but daily combats continue... artillery, snipers, tanks...

Finally, we ask you to share this news and the poster that you have right below. And if you can, please, help in this humanitarian mission. All help is very important.